Revision Hip and Knee Replacement

Revision hip and knee replacement refers to a surgical procedure performed to replace a previously implanted artificial hip or knee joint that has worn out, become damaged, or developed complications. The need for revision surgery arises when the initial joint replacement fails to provide pain relief, stability, or function as intended.

Reasons for Revision Hip Replacement:

  1. Implant Wear and Loosening: Over time, the artificial components of the hip joint may wear out or become loose, leading to pain, instability, and reduced mobility.
  2. Infection: Infection can occur in the joint, causing pain, swelling, and fever. In some cases, it may necessitate the removal of the artificial joint and subsequent revision surgery.
  3. Fracture: A fracture around the hip implant or in the bone supporting the implant may require revision surgery.
  4. Dislocation: Hip dislocation, where the ball and socket of the hip joint become separated, may occur due to various factors, such as implant malposition or soft tissue damage.
  5. Component Failure: Failure of specific components, such as the polyethylene liner or metal-on-metal implants, may necessitate revision surgery.

Revision hip and knee replacement surgeries are more complex and challenging than primary joint replacement surgeries due to factors such as bone loss, scar tissue, and altered anatomy. The recovery period may be longer compared to the initial joint replacement, and the overall success of the procedure depends on various factors, including the patient's overall health, the extent of bone loss, and the surgeon's skill and experience.


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